Our History & Highlights

RMM New Generation Marketing has established itself as the social media, design & branding house in Rustenburg, North West.

With a wide variety of marketing and media (public relations, advertising, radio and events management) backgrounds, RMM has an extensive reach into the minds of people.

Creativity and a "hands-on approach" is our way of giving clients our undivided attention.

The Founder - Renee McMagh

I am a proud daughter of an astute, profoundly stubborn and adoring German dad and a no nonsense mother (bless her as she rests), a sister to a global businessman, a first time wife to a humble and kind soul, a mother to two beautiful children who have enriched my life to no end, a second time wife to a young, energetic and intensely passionate man.

I am my own business woman, but most importantly I am a woman who can adapt and love and feel and create and metamorphasize like a butterfly through seasons of change. I love cooking and hot spicy food, I love taking pictures of beautiful things, I love thick, chunky, bold jewellery. “Everything in moderation” - is not my style at all. I think you can’t have enough of a good thing. More is more and less is well.....not for me!

I take every opportunity in my life and run with it, with so much vigour and enthusiasm.

My promise to you is that I will focus that same energy and passion that drives me, to your business project.

RMM New Generation Marketing is not a company that merely offers a marketing solution, it is a company that uncovers your brilliance and uses that to mould and create your identity, so that you will be loved in the marketplace.